About Us

IDT was formed out of a forty-year relationship between three marine individuals with a vast knowledge of the diesel engine business.  Chuck Chiquet, Glenn Plaisance and David LeBlanc’s unsurpassed knowledge of the diesel engine business lead them “across the pond” in search of a more efficient alternative to the gasoline outboard.  They discovered and developed a relationship with Cox Powertrain.  This was a ‘game changing’ discovery.  They spent three years researching and cultivating a relationship with the Cox Powertrain family.   With their government and commercial contacts throughout the Gulf Coast region these individuals now have the ability to provide and insurmountable amount of resources to the Cox Powertrain family here in the Gulf Coast region of the United States.   

Through innovation, determination and action Cox has achieved what was once thought impossible.  A diesel outboard engine that delivers with absolutely no comprise on robustness or performance combining the power and torque of a diesel engine with the advantages of an outboard, COX has redefined marine propulsion. It is truly a ground-breaking development. 

These visionaries are now willing to help you discover what they already know. This product is the future of diesel outboard motors.

We know that without the best technical support, parts availability, quick warranty claims resolution, and marketing support driving sales, you will not be happy, and neither will our end-users.  We know that happy end-users will ultimately determine our fate and that is why our first priority is giving you the best service possible.  


Glenn Plaisance